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Wedding Receptions

We Are Specialists In This Area.
At Sound Source Inc. we understand how important music is to making
a wedding reception a joyous and memorable celebration. We are an
established Red Deer company dedicated to providing music services
of the highest possible quality to wedding celebrations of all sizes.

Service is vitally important to us, we strive to tailor our
performance to serve your particular needs.

Over the past 20 years we have found that each wedding dance and
it's music is as unique as the couple hosting the event.

Therefore we have created a booklet aptly titled the "Wedding
Planning Profile".

Every couple booking their wedding music with us receives a copy of
this questionaire/booklet. Based on the couples answers to the
questions we are better able to customize the wedding music, format
and DJ personality to make the event the best it can be.

We use professional series sound systems to serve virtually any size
venue with or without a light show depending on your preference. Our
high quality sound will energize your dance floor by providing
continuous sound from CD's played at appropriate levels.

Our diverse and up to date selection of music will make the evening
enjoyable for all ages and tastes. Requests are always welcome.

We offer a wide variety of lighting tailored to your specifications.
Our multi faceted light shows offer classic ambience to your event
providing an excellent background for pictures and videography.

The Classic Wedding Package or The All Inclusive Package
 Up to 4 hours of dance music with the Classic or 8 hours with the All Inclusive.
 Sound system suitable for up to 200 guests, can be upgraded for larger shows
 Complimentary light show with either package
 Music selection Customized based on your suggestions
 Additional hours can be added to either package.
Your Custom Wedding Package
Your special day is as unique as you are which means your event may
need a custom wedding package. Perhaps you need ceremony music,
dinner music, a PA system for speaches and a dance longer or shorter
than 4 hours. Tell us what your needs are and we will build a package
to suit you.

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